Ashtons legal appoints new business managers

Posted 24/10/2017 : By: Ashtons

Ashtons Legal has created and filled new Business Manager roles in a move designed to ensure that their experienced lawyers are able to concentrate on providing quality legal advice to clients while others support them to grow and develop the firm for a profitable future.

Russell Fox, Jane Gaynor and Ben Hallatt have joined existing staff member Julian Baume and will work alongside the firm’s Property Group, Individual Client Services Group, Business Legal Group and Injury Services Group heads. The Business Managers will ensure the firm has a consistently client-focused and efficient approach, also ensuring effective use of technology tailored to the varying requirements of different legal teams. Staff coaching, financial forecasting and analysis, project planning and implementation will be on their agendas.

Russell and Ben both have military backgrounds, with Ben more recently working within the training industry, whereas Jane previously held roles in an international data firm and before joining Ashtons ran her own cost management business.

Ashtons CEO, Ed O’Rourke said: “In order to drive our business forward we need to adapt our services and the ways in which we deliver them to suit our clients. This will be done more effectively and profitably by harnessing the skills of business managers while enabling our senior lawyers to focus on what they do best – delivering effective legal advice to protect clients’ businesses and families”.

Ed adds: “Russell, Jane, Ben and Julian are skilled managers and as their roles are new, they are able to look at the needs of the business with fresh eyes. I am delighted to welcome them to the firm and very much look forward to working with them to drive future success at Ashtons”.

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